The Life Game

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The Life Game is an improvisational format created by Keith Johnstone and developed and performed with Truth Be Told Theatre. Each show features one guest who is willing to share their life with our audience. They are interviewed by one of our talented hosts, and a director sets up scenes to highlight elements of the guests life. At times hilarious, at times deeply moving, The Life Game is a show that shows that everyone, however ordinary, has an extraordinary life story to share. 

The Life Game premiered on CBC Radio One in summer 2016, produced by Josh Bloch, and developed with the creative team of Truth be Told Theatre. You can download the full series on iTunes here

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Comments from listeners

I love, adore and praise this show to the highest degree! 🙂 What an original, refreshing and engaging program. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I was moved. The tone is a beautiful balance of comedy and drama. WOW.
-Susan Abs

I laughed and cried my way through this series.  Please create more. 
-Caroline Lowther

This show needs to be on the CBC as a consistent show. I too find this show “haunting and beautiful”; many times I’ve been listening to the show with either tears running down my face or finding myself laughing out loud.
-Finessa Adams

More on Keith Johnstone can be found here:

Truth Be Told Theatre is an ensemble of actors and improvisors in Vancouver devoted to performing this format. Co-Artistic Directors: Veena Sood & Jeff Gladstone

Ensemble: Brian Anderson, Bruce Horak, Christina Sicoli, David Milchard, Denise Jones, Diana Frances, Emmelia Gordon, Ryan Gladstone, Tallulah Winkelman, Tom Jones

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