Hell of a Girl – the live show

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To coincide with the release of Hell of a Girl, Jeff staged an epic Cowboy-Noir Opera at the Rio Theatre featuring over 50 performers. The live show has gone through various incarnations since, and can adapt to any space, location, or budget.

“A one-of-a-kind evening that was thrilling, surprising, moving and joyous. Moments of quiet beauty were juxtaposed with raucous celebration, all of it held together by the wit, lyricism and musicality of Jeff’s songs.”

“His vocals are somewhere in the range of Tom Waits meets Michael Buble, and the band’s music was just the sort of soul soothing, bittersweet tonic one needs when sitting in a bar on a dark rainy night.”

April 19, 2014 @ The Rio Theatre, Vancouver
Featuring Jeff Gladstone, Steve Charles, Todd Biffard, Onalea Gilbertson, Bonnie Northgraves, Kelly Haigh, Jimmy Roy, Tallulah Winkelman, Caitriona Murphy, Bruce Horak, Chatterton Eve, Jenny Ritter & The Kingsgate, Dayna Szyndrowski

August 28, 2014 @ Arts Club Revue Stage, Vancouver
Featuring Jeff Gladstone, Terra Hazelton, Sophia Perlman, Steve Charles, Bonnie Northgraves, Tallulah Winkelman, Bruce Horak, Lauren Jackson, Kayla Dunbar, Gile Roskies

January 20, 2015 @ Hugh’s Room, Toronto
Featuring Jeff Gladstone, Terra Hazelton, Sophia Perlman, Neil MacIntosh, Sly Juhas, Drew Jurecka, Nathan Hiltz, Jay Danley, James Thomson, Richard Whiteman, Ajineen Sagal, Shawn Nyquist