Hell of a Girl – the album

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Hell of a Girl began in 2012 in Terra Hazelton’s apartment with just a microphone, a guitar and a rain storm. Hazelton started inviting some of her friends and collaborators from her various bands. Musicians like Drew Jurecka, Sly Juhas, Nathan Hiltz, and the entire Juno-award winning line-up from The Hogtown Syncopators. Hazelton invited each of them because of specific skills she thought would add to each of Jeff’s original tracks. In true Loose Moose fashion, the musicians were encouraged to improvise.

The collaborative nature of Hell of a Girl continued, as Neil MacIntosh mixed the tracks adding additional percussion, and finally Jordon O’Connor (engineer behind That’s All) mastered the final recordings with Hazelton.

The album was released on April 19th, 2014 at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver as a three-act cowboy-noir-opera.


released April 20, 2014

All songs written by Jeff Gladstone
Recorded and Produced by Terra Hazelton
Mixed by Neil MacIntosh
Mastered by Jordan O’Connor

Jeff Gladstone: Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Terra Hazelton: Vocals, Arrangements

Rachel Pomedli: Cello
Tim Hamel: Trumpet
Sly Juhas: Drums
Neil MacIntosh: Drums
Nathan Hiltz: Electric Guitar
Jay Danley: Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass, Vocals
Sophia Perlman: Vocals and BG Arrangements
Drew Jurecka: Violin, Clarinet
James Thomson: Electric Bass
Richard Whiteman: Baby Grand Piano, Upright Bass
Rebecca Hennessy: Accordion
Shawn Nykwist: Soprano Saxophone

Artwork: Emma Segal (pictured: Josefa Cameron’s boot)